PDC Lejas Variceni

During 2017 we will offer 2 Permaculture Design Courses (PDC1 and 2)

The spring course (PDC 1) will run from 20th May (arrival day) until 3rd June (departure day). 

The autumn course (PDC 2) will run from 9th September (arrival day) until 23rd September (departure day)

Each course consists of a practical element and 72 hours theory and is taught in both German and English. This gives participants the opportunity to better follow the content and improve their foreign language skills.The course is held in cooperation with the Swiss agency, down to earth ACADEMY for PERMACULTURE DESIGN.  For more information about the coaches, see "The Team" 

This is not permaculture as a fantastic idea, it's an example in how numerous systems actually work over a decade and beyond.  It's proof of concept. Participants have the unique opportunity to immerse in a working small farm and homestead and see exactly what opportunities and challenges arise in developing and maintaining a productive and resilient home and land resource system. Our site represents numerous cutting edge design opportunities for developing a self-reliant, liberated lifestyle customized for the cold climate.  This course includes the standard certificate curriculum but goes beyond the typical Designer's Certification Course by utilizing the background of skills-based trainings offered in Whole Systems Skills, and is filled with practice-based, learning-by-doing experiences, not only concept and information-based study. 
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This course takes a different approach than every other PDC we know of. There are actual qualifications met by meeting this course's requirements and as such, taking this course actually means one has understood specific learning goals, rather than simply attended a course for a certain period of time. This course is an applied permaculture training with a major focus on practice skills and designer-skill development. This program is a principles in practice approach to offer students a much greater opportunity to gain hands on skill and design development than offered by any other permaculture course we know. The standard PDC model is theory-based and information-focused, not skill and practice-based. That approach is appropriate for students who have no exposure to permaculture, holistic systems thinking or similar fields and is suitable for people at that stage. This course, however, is geared towards those seeking an intensive, very hands on, less academic experience where the actual reality of running a farm and optimized homestead are immersed in and utilized. We will actually be practicing these techniques on the farm throughout the course. 

All participants receive a PDC certification on completion.

Please refer to the "Timetable" for the whole content.

Each participant will have the opportunity to work and live on a permaculture farm every day throughout the course.

We have limited the number of participants on each course to 25 in order to be able to accommodate each individual person’s questions
There is the potential for a small number of participants to complete their first week in PDC 1 and their second week in PDC 2. For further information please contact us by email at Thomaskrueger333(at)gmx.de

Costs for the 2 weeks course:

Participants from the Three Baltic States and Palestine
Early Bird Rate for PDC 2 before 20.05.2017       350€ per participant from Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Palestine
Standard Rate  (PDC1 or after 21.05.17)               450€ per participant from Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Palestine

Participants from the Rest of the World
Early Bird Rate for PDC 2 before 20.05.2017       600€ per participant from every other country of the world
Standard Rate  (PDC1 or after 21.05.17)               700€ per participant from every other country of the world.

             The costs include:
- The 72 hour PDC with final certification
- Accommodation in our farmyard hay hotel 
- Full catering (vegetarian / non-vegetarian)

With these prices, we want to ensure that we can offer a very high quality. On the other hand, do not fill our bank account and/or our ego. The different prices are due to the fact that people from the Baltic States could not afford such a course with an average income. But also the unemployed and persons with very low income should have the chance to change their life and their lifestyle. Fair share, one of the three basic principles of permaculture.

The course can also be paid in installments. The amount of the installments is calculated according to the date of your registration and can be arranged individually. Please send an email directly to     Thomaskrueger333(at)gmx.de

A guaranteed reservation for one of the 25 seats will only be accepted if an amount of at least 100 Euros has been entered into our bank account. This will be refunded only in the case of a cancellation of at least 3 months before the course. A first registration can also be made directly on this page, please enter your details.  
Please note, however, that a fixed reservation can only be made after receipt of the first 100 euros (or higher). 
       IMPORTANT !
For each bank transfer please specify PDC1 or PDC2 and your email address, so we can contact you. 

Our bank account: 
NGO Smiltenei un Latvijai
IBAN: LV39UNLA0050024690335

A Facebook group has been set up for all participants to get to know each other, exchange information, or distribute new information among the participants.

You can reach us in differen kind of ways. Here are some links to cheap flights or bus connections.
https://www.ryanair.com/gb/en/                                       Riga Airport
our first hobbit house, we will build a second in 2017



From Riga you can get to us by bus.

 Here is a link to the bus connections from Riga to Smiltene. The cost is a maximum of 6  per person. Please let us know on which bus you will arrive, then we can pick you up at the bus station in Smiltene.
 If you have further questions, please contact us by email.